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In addition to home visits & parent-teacher conferences throughout the school year, HSEOC educators host several family events throughout the school year to partner with families to prepare children for school & life.



Happy Girls

The Child Protection Unit

The Child Protection Unit for preschool focuses on adults working together to teach children basic skills designed to help them keep safe from dangerous or abusive situations.



Pajamarama Literacy Night

Research shows a strong connection between early literacy skills & later school success. Our literacy night is focused on strengthening literacy skills, specifically *Phonological Awareness, to provide children the very best head start.   Literacy Night is  intended to be fun, and engaging because we know how children learn is as important as what they learn. The Literacy Night activities are planned with families' busy home routine in mind so teachers create activities that can easily be duplicated within a busy home routine & materials that can be easily found in homes.

*Read more about

Phonological Awareness.



Lil' Scientist Fair

Children are born with an innate curiosity to explore & experiment. In our classrooms, children's innate curiosity is nurtured by encouraging them to think like scientists- observe, ask questions, predict, take risks, explore, and reflect upon what they discover in their world. Children's opportunities are open ended, meaning every child will explore, experience & conclude experiences in their own unique way. 

The Lil’ Scientist Fair is an opportunity to partner with families to support children's school readiness goals.



I'm Moving I'm learning (IMIL)

IMIL is an active learning curriculum enhancement, used in our program, that promotes physical activity and healthier nutrition from an early age.

Our IMIL Family Event is an opportunity to partner with families to support healthier options at an early age. The Family Event uses materials & interactions that can be easily duplicated at home.

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